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Novato Homeowners are currently not well represented with respect to ongoing civic affairs. Decisions currently being made by City management have recently favored deep-pocketed special interest groups; these decisions may result in a combination of reduced home values and escalating budget structural issues. Homeowners are the backbone of any community, and Novato is no different. When the majority of residents are adversely affected by the actions of a vocal minority, the majority need to have their voices heard or accept the consequences.
Novato has been plagued with budget deficits in recent years, and is projected to have structural budget deficits in the future (absent any changes to current taxes). Deficits affect the level of services which can be provided. Continuing to promote a strategy of allowing "non profits" to develop property tax exempt high density housing will result in increased burdens on tax paying property owners to either support existing service levels, or accept the effects of reduced services.